Video Transcript:

Hola Interwebs! Zach from inside the shark tank aka my home office in Arizona... It’s Wednesday and on Wednesdays we wear pink… Wait… It’s not Wednesday… It’s only Tuesday... And Send... Anyway, I wanted to talk to you about what I just did! And that's basically just got distracted by my cell phone! My colleague Jonathan Rusk wrote a blog post last week called “Don’t text and talk”… Did you read it? Probably not but it’s an interesting topic… His plea is that if you’re in a face to face conversation with another human being, to put down the cell phone and engage with that person. So it begs the question, do we need new rules in the age of smart phones and smart watches and other devices that are constantly grabbing for our attention? I know I’m totally guilty of this offense and truth be told Jonathan probably wrote this blog post with me in mind, or at least I feel like he did anyway. It's all good. We spend so much time talking that it’s hard not to feel like it was about me… But I'm cool with it. So what are your thoughts? Are you guilty? Do you have a tendency to pick up your mobile device and start fiddling during an active conversation? Do you get distracted if a text comes in or you hear that email bong? Let me know in the comments and please subscribe to our channel… Thanks for taking the time to watch this and I do look forward to hearing your comments.