Follow ME on twitter, who would do that?

Well maybe YOU would… And now you can… For some reason…? Let me explain…

twitter_logo_125x29It’s really a love vs. hate thing with me and the social networking app: I both love and detest the overall concept of twitter. So I have stayed away from it for as long as I could. But I can appreciate its usefulness in certain situations. I’ve read that people used twitter to update family and friends as to their whereabouts during California wildfires. In that scenario the application gave piece of mind to their concerned followers. Very nice. I like that I can get headlines from large media outlets down to the local newspaper in my old hometown. A little piece of comfort from the life I used to live. Also gives me the opportunity to stay on top of any big, breaking news. So I get it, there can be a some good, productive things that come from twitter.

However I mostly despise the notion. Do you really like knowing when I’m having my cereal in the morning? Then twitter is for you! My gut reaction is that it’s used by uber narcissists who think people actually care what they’re up to 24/7. I’ve always viewed it as the perfect service for the person who is constantly updating their Facebook or MySpace status. There may be an application that allows twitter to feed into Facebook, etc. to update your status using twitter, I haven’t looked yet. Oh, the conceited are frothing at the mouth with that notion! 🙂 (Click here to read a fascinating article on Facebook and narcissm.)

But like I said this was my gut reaction. I’ve never tried it, so what the heck, I’ll give it a whirl. Click here for my twitter feed. I’m not promising any great nuggets of wisdom or groundbreaking news stories in my tweets. But I promise you this, it will be fun. I’ve installed Twitterific on my iPhone so I can tweet anywhere I go… So stay tuned, otherwise you’ll never know if I ate Corn Pops with bananas or eggs and toast for breakfast…

It was Corn Pops with bananas, btw… 😉

Zach Garcia

Zach Garcia

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