Say Hello To Digium's New Switchvox Appliances

Switchvox-470-front-open-lowresDigium has introduced two new appliances to their award winning Switchvox platform. The 450 and 470 are Digium’s newest additions to the product line and address larger system requirements. These appliances offer server-class architectures, significantly more memory, state of the art processors, enhanced RAID options and solid state drives (SSD).

These enhancements allow Switchvox to more than double the number of concurrent calls supported on the previous largest appliance, The AA355. The AA450 scales to 125 concurrent calls and 500 users, while the AA470 handles 150 concurrent calls and 600 users. In addition to improved capacity and performance, the size of the appliances has been reduced by 46%, the weight by 37%, and the power consumption by 22%, producing environmentally-friendly solutions.

Both appliances are available as Cold-spare upgrades. For a comparison of the complete Switchvox Appliance Family Click Here.

AA450/AA470 General Specifications:

  • RAID controller/ mirrored Solid State devices
  • Redundant power supplies
  • Redundant rackmount form factor
  • Weight: 47 lbs including packaging
  • Power supply: Dual redundant 400W
  • Dimensions: 16.8125″W x 21.93″D x 3.46″H
  • Telephony card slots: Two PCI-Express
  • Supported telephony cards: TE121, TE220, TE420, AEX410AEX800, AEX2460

The Switchvox 450 is ideal for larger businesses that want the high performance, highly redundant, full-featured rackmount PBX.

AA450 Specifications:

  • Supports 1 to 500 users
  • Up to 125 concurrent calls
  • Up to 30 concurrent recorded calls
  • Up to 45 simultaneous conference users

Switchvox 470 is ideal for large businesses that want the highest performance, highly redundant, full-featured rackmount PBX.

AA470 Specifications:

  • Supports 1 to 600 users
  • Up to 150 concurrent calls
  • Up to 40 concurrent recorded calls
  • Up to 50 simultaneous conference users

For a comparison of the complete Switchvox Appliance Family Click Here. For a personalized quote or to ask us a question, please contact us or call us at 602.357.8070.

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