Switchvox for VMware

You already know the benefits of Switchvox, but if you're also running a VMware environment why not add Switchvox to the mix? Driven by VMware’s disaster recovery capabilities and scalability, Switchvox support for VMware eliminates the need for a dedicated appliance. Upgrade your system today!

For more information on how Chromis Technology can help upgrade your existing Digium Switchvox environment to VMware, please contact us at 602.357.8070 or via PhoneX.io from your browser.

Zach Garcia

Zach Garcia

WI boy. AZ man. Husband of Lynn. Dad to Lyza Bea and Arden Jay. Lover of gadgets and home automation. Art collector. Eater. Home cook. Diner outer. Food nerd. Once ran *from* the bulls.

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