Switchvox SMB 4.5 (Release number 21669) has been announced today by Digium at IT Expo East in Miami. The new version is available for immediate download. Go to ‘Machine Admin > Upgrades‘ to upgrade your SMB server.

The new version contains the following enhancements: **
Phone Feature Packs – In this release, ‘Phone Provisioning Tokens’ are updated to ‘Phone Feature Packs.’ You must reboot each of your Configured phones if you want to take advantage of the new features:

  • Phone Setup
    Now you can set an Alternate Host and up to 3 extensions on each phone, and set several new administration options across all phones. (See ‘System Setup > Phone Setup‘)
  • Distinctive Ringtones: Administration
    Admins can upload system-wide ringtones for use by Configured Polycom phones. Also, two new IVR actions let admins set and remove a ‘hint’ so that extension-owners can set a distinctive ring based on a caller’s IVR selections. (See ‘PBX Features > Distinctive Ringtones‘ and ‘PBX Features > IVR Editor‘)
  • Distinctive Ringtones for Extensions (Polycom Only)
    Extensions can use system-wide ringtones, or upload their own. They can also create ‘Ring Rules’ that cause their phone to ring differently based on the caller or call-type. (See ‘Settings > Phone Features‘)
  • Phone Features (Polycom Only)
    Extension-owners can show Extension Profiles on their phone, set the number of line keys that the extension uses, and interact with PBX applications right on the handset. (See ‘Settings > Phone Features‘)
  • Phone Features (Polycom and snom)
    Extension-owners can customize line labels, auto-answer Switchboard-initiated calls, and disable the missed calls notification. (See ‘Settings > Phone Features‘)

Extension Profiles with Pictures – Phone-type extensions now include a picture, title, and location. This can be edited by the extension-owner (with permission). Profiles are shown in a new Switchboard Panel, and on Polycom phones that have a Phone Feature Pack. (See ‘Extensions > Manage Extensions‘ or ‘Settings > Modify Account‘)

Language Support – The ‘admin’ user, sub-admin users, and extension-owners can each select a language for the PBX’s User Interface. Related sound packs are available. (See ‘Machine Admin > Manage Admins‘ or ‘Settings > Modify Account‘)

PBX Monitoring – A set of SNMP OIDs is now published to monitor the PBX server, phone status, current calls, VOIP providers, and more. (See ‘Machine Admin > Network Settings‘)

Updated Polycom firmware – Most models: SIP 3.2.2 and bootrom 4.2.1 – Discontinued phones (301,501,600,601,4000) do not receive new firmware

**Updated snom firmware – **3xx phones: 7.3.30, 820 phone: 8.2.11, 870 phone: 8.3.6

**Video Calling **– As a result of changes that Polycom, Inc. has made to their VVX 1500 phone, video calling is now available on that phone.

Stay tuned to Chromis.com for a detailed review once we’ve tested this new version on our demo server.