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While the boys are back in Phoenix working hard, I’ve (chromiszach) been on an Eastern Caribbean cruise sucking back Mai Tai’s and UV rays. I’ve had a great trip so far and have done some really cool stuff including an underwater scooter experience that was out of this world fun. Portions of it were even filmed for an upcoming Travel Channel special with Samantha Brown. Hello world…

My communications have been spotty with the satellite Internet service that the ship has available to its passengers. It only costs $100 for 250 minutes… Such a bargain at $0.40 a minute! I guess I shouldn’t complain… Being able to download my email from the Bermuda Triangle is pretty cool… So now that I’m in a U.S. Port (St. Thomas, U.S.V.I) and I can use my AT&T cellular wifi without much penalty, here are couple of things that have hit my mailbox that are worth talking about since I’ve been gone:

Switchvox 4.0 was scheduled to be released today… We’re told that it will be the end of March before it’s available for current customers to download. I personally can’t wait to make some HD Voice phone calls on my Polycom phone.

Speaking of Switchvox, Digium has announced their “Telecom Stimulus Package”. Anyone who purchases a Switchvox appliance with SMB software and at least 20 subscriptions between March 1st and April 30th 2009 can receive up to a $1000 rebate! Here’s how it breaks down, buy Switchvox SMB with 20 Silver Subscriptions: get a $500 rebate. Switchvox SMB with 20 Gold Subscriptions will earn you $750 back, buy 20 Platinum Subscriptions: $1,000 rebate. Now that’s a stimulus package we can get behind. Click here for full details.

Well I won’t be back stateside until March 10th, which is a week away. I hope to have a killer tan and much more to update you on by then. In the meantime, you may hear from the some more of the Chromis team on some other interesting things happening in the VoIP world… Until then I’ll try not to spontaniously combust in the sun while maintaining my Mai Tai buzz.

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Zach Garcia

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