switchvoxI must apologize for the lack of blog posts lately. We’ve been super busy with Digium Switchvox installs this summer. Let me give you the 10,000 foot overview of some of them and show you how our customers across the spectrum have been using Switchvox SMB… I can’t give you the customer’s names but I think the solution and why they chose Switchvox is really what’s important here…

The flurry of activity started in June with an install outside of Los Angeles with over 200 users on mostly Polycom IP450’s. Quite a fun install and an interesting case study. The customer is in the insurance industry and this is their Corporate HQ. They have a small call center, but is made up of mostly average, everyday users. We replaced an old Nortel system and the customer is happy to have the additional features that their old system couldn’t do. Their plans for the future include trunking their offices together via IAX trunking. We have already replaced several of their other facilities with Switchvox earlier this year in Missouri, Arizona, Colorado, and Texas.

Another interesting install was right in our backyard, in Paradise Valley, AZ. We replaced an almost 2 year old Avaya IP Office system in their corporate facility as well as their distribution center in the Scottsdale Airpark a few miles away. That’s right, you read that correctly, the Avaya system was put in a little over two years ago! The reason they abandoned the Avaya solution is that it was not as tightly integrated with their current back end systems, and Asterisk based Switchvox on the other hand was a perfect fit. The customer is in the medical field and has a small call center with answer SLA’s in under 30 seconds. They have about 50 users at the HQ and 10 at their distribution plant. Their Point to point T1 is carrying the traffic beautifully between the two sites. Again they’re using Polycom IP450’s at both sites.

On the smaller end of the SMB market, we have an up and coming Real Estate developer who is moving in this weekend to their new building in the Ahwatukee Foothills section of Phoenix. They have half a dozen users but plan to expand the system as more tenants move into their building on their Switchvox AA300 with SMB. They have never had a phone system before but like the idea of having remote users and tight integration of messaging with voicemail to email. We were up against Mitel and Avaya and pricing weighed heavily on their decision. The lower priced Switchvox solution won out in the end.

So those are just a few examples of the installs we’ve done this summer. And we’ve got more lined up in the coming weeks, so stay tuned and I promise I’ll keep it up. If you’d like to learn more about how Chromis Technology can help you do more in your business with Switchvox, give us a call at 602.357.8070 or drop us a line using our Contact Us page.